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3 Level High Tandem Puzzle Parking System At UCLA

UCLA in Westwood, California is getting a 3 Level High Tandem Puzzle Parking System Solution that will safe space and add an additional 32 parking spaces. The Tandem Puzzle Parking System will be built 2 levels above ground and 1 level underground later this year 2024.

Hey, Kevin with The Automated Parking Company here. We’re here at our UCLA in Westwood, California project. It’s a really interesting one.
We’re doing a tandem, three high, so two levels high above and one level below ground. Solution is our puzzle solution. We’re going to be installing about 32 spaces. We’re out here taking the measurements today so we can get it into manufacturing and get it out here and get it installed.
So we’ll be installing this one late 2024. Part of the process of getting that in and making sure we have all the measurements correctly. Anyway, signing off here at UCLA, heading to another project. Talk to you guys soon.

Semi-Automated Smart Parking Systems

The Automated Parking Company offers efficient semi-automated smart parking systems. We provide multi-level stack parking systems that feature access for self-parking.  Whether you require standalone structures or a solution that can be integrated within the existing building structure, we are your primary resource for all your automated parking needs.

Revolutionary Parking Solutions with Automated Lift Parking System

As the urban landscape continues to grow, the demand for efficient car parking solutions has become increasingly important. The Automated Parking Company introduces revolutionary semi-automated smart parking systems that are designed to optimize space utilization and streamline parking procedures for multi-family residential complexes and commercial facilities. Compared to the conventional car lift system, our multi-level car parks are designed to redefine convenience and efficiency.

Here are some of the key features of our semi-automated car parking systems:

Space Optimization

Optimal space utilization is a key focus of our multi-level car storing solutions. Our stack parking systems are designed to accommodate multiple levels, providing an impressive number of parking spaces within a compact footprint. We can design and integrate two to seven parking levels in a single structure and customize varying lengths, widths, and heights.

Seamless Automation

Our smart parking system incorporates advanced automation to simplify the parking process. Drivers can effortlessly park their vehicles with minimum guidance, thereby providing efficient utilization of time.

EV Capability

Given the increasing trend of electric vehicles, our parking solutions are also designed to embrace the future of mobility and Electric Vehicles. To cater to the ever-evolving automotive landscape, we also feature charging facilities for electric cars.  We are the only vendor offering 7000# rated systems.


We understand that parking can be a source of frustration for people, particularly when you cannot find a spot and must drive around looking for space. Such layouts can be problematic for larger properties. However, with our Puzzle Parking system, this problem can be easily resolved, offering convenience to individuals, and saving valuable time when parking or capturing your auto.

Efficient Puzzle Parking System for Independent Access

The Automated Parking Company’s Puzzle car parking is a semi-automated system that allows each parking space to be independently accessed. Cars are stored and retrieved with lateral or vertical motion in an efficient puzzle car parking system. Unlike mechanical stacker parking, vehicles can be moved within the Puzzle parking system automatically ridding you of any need for attendants.

Whether standalone structures or tandem configurations, this Puzzle parking system is extremely versatile. These systems are ideal for retrofit or new construction projects and can be built as part of existing or new developments to complement the overall look.

Get Smart Parking Systems for Efficient and Convenient Parking Solutions

Parking space is at a premium, but The Automated Parking Company is here to revolutionize parking with automated parking systems and robotic AGV parking solutions. We can help you enhance your property value and offer customers or residents a hassle-free and convenient parking experience that caters to the demands and challenges of modern urban living. Looking for efficient parking solutions? Contact us today for smart parking solutions designed for your needs.


What is the difference between a fully automated and semi-automated smart parking system?

Semi-automated Puzzle solutions and fully automated AGV parking systems are considered automated parking and compress footprints giving you back valuable square footage.

In a semi-automated parking system, drivers can park and/or retrieve their own auto, so this system rids you of any demand for parking attendants therefore lowering your OpEx.  Once the user’s vehicle is stowed within the system, the semi-automated Puzzle system can move the car up and down or left to right to find its nesting space.

On the other hand, in a fully-automated parking system, the driver pulls into a loading bay where they remove themselves and leave their auto, the system will then maneuver the auto and autonomously stow the users auto within the parking vault.

What is the difference between mechanical lift systems and semi-automated Puzzle Parking system?

In a mechanical stacker system, individuals must operate for it to move, or you must incorporate attendants to manage the parking and retrieval process. The mechanical stacker parking system is usually a Double, Triple, or Quad Stacker that can raise the vehicle directly up on the platform so that more than one vehicle can be parked in a vertical stack. We strongly encourage trained personnel to operate these systems due to the manual processes of storing or retrieving autos in a vertical arrangement.

On the other hand, in a semi-automated system, there is no demand nor need for attendants or personnel to retrieve autos. Once the driver has parked their vehicle within the system, the semi-automated Puzzle system can intelligently move the car up and down or left to right.

Which properties are semi-automated parking systems suitable for?

Our semi-automated parking systems are mostly suitable and used for commercial offices and multi-family residential complexes.

Can electric cars be charged in semi-automated parking systems?

Absolutely, our semi-automated smart parking systems are EV capable and feature charging facilities for electric vehicles.  We offer Level II smart charging capabilities that allow you to bill the user pro-rata and reduce the number of meters, therefore, reducing your overall build costs when compared to competitive vendors.

What are the maintenance requirements of semi-automated parking systems?

Maintenance and upkeep of the parking systems by The Automated Parking Company are easy as they are designed for minimal maintenance and durability. However, please note that regular checks and maintenance schedules help ensure optimal performance.