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EV Charging parking

The Automated Parking Company solutions optimize available space, even in unusual configurations and constricted areas. Puzzle systems easily accommodate EV charging components featuring an innovative flat-pallet design for safety and ease of use. Dedicated charging power is easily connected manually, and the charger travels with the pallet to its designated space.


Smart Power Load Management

Automated parking and smart charging solutions help reduce installation costs and avoid expensive infrastructure upgrades by intelligently managing power in real time – and enabling more charger installs with existing power supply.

The Automated Parking Company integrated approach keeps EVs charged and costs in check by intelligently allocating power in real time where it’s needed most. EV parking spaces can be configured for residential or public use and are available with a variety of payment systems.

The Automated Parking Company integrated L2 charging systems

208-240 VAC 90 Max

  • RFID Card reader for user authentication
  • Wireless mesh network
  • Optional 4G cellular
  • SAE J1772 standard compliance
  • ISO 15118 capable
  • Integrated management system
  • Fleet, commercial and multi-family installation
  • Top and bottom entry wiring
  • Aluminum construction
  • Designed to maximize uptime
  • Pedestal mount available
  • Robust NEMA 3R ingress protection for indoor or outdoor use
mechanical parking garage

Real-time Wireless Communication



Chargers communicate over proprietary wireless mesh network even in obstructed and underground garage environments, removing any single point of communication failure.


Integrated systems support remote updates, diagnostics, and reporting


Durable deployment components are integrated into EV connectors to enable on-site load management.

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