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The Automated Parking Company’s goal is to provide real estate developers and architects the most advanced and cost-effective autonomous robotic systems, semi-autonomous parking systems and mechanical parking systems that maximizes parking capacity while providing modern and safe parking convenience for your users, along with high level support services that are unrivaled within our industry. Our objective is to offer you premiere customer service to help guide you to the correct parking solution, in return, remedy you of challenging parking demands while at the same time offering efficient end-user journey experiences, all while being cost effective and adhering to stringent safety measures.

When considering any number of automated parking solutions found within our product lines, and no matter if it’s a large or small project, The Automated Parking Company will deliver and execute the most efficient and reliable automated parking system in the market.

We believe in building relationships that will carry for a lifetime.

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The Best Parking Solutions and Technology

The Automated Parking Company has built a solid foundation with blue chip customers throughout the US by offering quality performing products combined with unrivaled installation practices. We have a history of proven successes and are one of the fastest-growing vendors in our space. The Automated Parking Company has assembled the most experienced and capable team in the industry possessing the insights and knowledge to focus on core values.

Our design solutions have proven to reduce parking footprints, lower costs compared to traditional parking schemes as well as offer you the ability to convert newfound square footage to other higher value uses.

TAPCO’s values are rooted in offering superior products, integrating dependable software and controls, professional customer service, timely deliverables, efficient practices, innovative designs, cost effective solutions, and superior service even after installation.



To provide the most advanced systems, product safety and high-level support services unrivaled within our industry.


To adhere to the highest quality standards and take advantage of the full potential our team’s expertise and know-how.


To maintain a relationship of trust with our customers and partners, remain attentive to their project needs and use the knowledge of our staff to develop the best execution.


Seamless and High-level Services

TAPCO’s local expert team is with you from day one providing both knowledgable and reliable service.

Executive Team

  • Kevin McDaniel, Managing Director

  • Scott Woodworth, West Coast Business Development Director

  • Paige Langlands, East Coast Business Development Director

  • Mason McDaniel, Field and Maintenance Manager