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2-Level Puzzle Lift

North 18 Apartments

The Automated Parking Company Designed And Installed A 2 Level High Puzzle Lift Parking System at North 18 Apartments in Portland, Oregon in 2023 that added a total of 34 Parking Spaces. Puzzle Parking Systems can double, triple, quadruple even 7X your parking and can cost less to build and requires less land.

If you are an architect, developer or multi-family apartment or hotel owners and are wondering how you can add more parking spaces at a lower cost than conventional cement parking structures, give our Automated Parking Company Design Engineers a call or book an appointment so we can design and build a custom puzzle parking system that meets your parking needs.

Call Us At (877) 827-2611 or Fill The Form In The Contact Us Page.


Portland, OR
Completion Type Levels Number of spaces
2023 Residential 2 34

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