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Car Stackers for Efficient Parking

The Automated Parking Company Car Lift Storage Stacker Solutions

The Automated Parking Company offers a variety of car lift storage solutions designed to incorporate the assistance of parking attendants or valet operations utilizing our No Post Clear Span Stacker, Double Stacker, and both our Triple and Quad Stackers. These attended parking lifts can instantly add to or enhance parking capacity and are ideal for use in attended parking facilities. From Quad stackers to No Post solutions, we offer convenient stacked parking options for efficient space utilization and convenient parking.

Improving Parking Convenience with Parking Stackers


Double Vehicle Stacker

The The Automated Parking Company Double Stacker is a simple and cost-effective way of creating two parking spaces from one space. The value with TAPCO’s Double Vehicle Stacker is its flexibility and ease of installation. This solution offers a 1:1 ratio, for every surface space you get an elevated space. Each unit’s platform level can be adjusted to varying heights to accommodate different size vehicles. The Automated Parking Company can design and install double stackers on sloped slabs.

car elevator parking, Double, Triple, Quadruple your parking spaces with our Car Stacker Parking Systems. We custom design and build Double Car Stackers, Triple Car Stackers, Quad Car Stackers and No Post Car Parking Stacking Lift Systems.

Triple Vehicle Stacker

The Triple Vehicle Stacker Parking System’s height is adjustable and stows three cars in a vertical stack. The lower parking space must always be empty for the upper platforms to be lowered. This system can be installed indoor, outdoor, and for both new and/or retrofit projects.

Quad Vehicle Stacker

The Quad Vehicle Parking Stacker height is adjustable and stows four cars in a vertical stack. The lower parking space must always be empty for the upper platforms to be lowered. This system can be installed indoor, outdoor, and for both new and/or retrofit projects.

No Post Vehicle Stacker

TAPCO’s No Post solution can be utilized as a vehicle stacker over drive aisles or over conventional spaces.  For every surface space you also get an elevated space. Or, we can design two to three space wide every 20 linear feet over the drive aisle.

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Looking to create a parking lift solution for your project

Q:What is a car stacker or parking lift?

A car stacker or parking lift is a mechanical device designed to vertically lift and store multiple vehicles in a limited space, typically used in garages or parking lots.

Q:How does a car stacker or parking lift work?

These lifts typically consist of platforms or trays that lift vehicles vertically using hydraulic or mechanical systems. They allow cars to be parked on different levels, maximizing space utilization.

Q: Is The Automated Parking Company committed to sustainability and environmentally friendly solutions?

A: Yes, The Automated Parking Company is dedicated to sustainable practices and environmentally friendly solutions. Our AGV automated car parking system is battery-powered, significantly reducing carbon emissions compared to traditional parking systems that rely on high energy costs. By adopting our AGV technology, you can contribute to reducing your parking facility’s carbon footprint while embracing an eco-friendly approach to automated parking management.

Q:What are the advantages of using a car stacker or parking lift?

Parking lifts optimize space, allowing multiple cars to be stored in a smaller footprint. They can increase parking capacity in areas with limited space, enhance garage organization, and provide easier access to vehicles.

Q:Are car stackers or parking lifts safe for vehicles?

When used properly and maintained according to manufacturer guidelines, car stackers and parking lifts are safe for vehicles. It’s essential to follow weight capacity limits and operate the lift correctly to prevent damage.