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The Automated Parking Company Car Lift Storage Solutions & Car Stacker Parking Solutions for Efficient Parking

The Automated Parking Company offers a variety of car lift storage solutions designed to incorporate the assistance of parking attendants or valet operations utilizing our No Post Clear Span Stacker, Double Stacker, and both our Triple and Quad Stackers. These attended parking lifts can instantly add to or enhance parking capacity and are ideal for use in attended parking facilities. From Quad stackers to No Post solutions, we offer convenient stacked parking options for efficient space utilisation and convenient parking. 


Improving Parking Convenience with Parking Stackers

When it comes to parking solutions, attended-oriented systems offer a blend of efficiency and convenience that cater to the needs and challenges of urban areas, particularly high-demand areas. 

These multi-level car stacker solutions are a game-changer when it comes to parking, allowing the creation of multiple parking spaces within a single area. 

TAPCO introduces a wide array of innovative attended-oriented parking systems designed to optimize space utilization as well as offer user-friendly  parking practices.

These systems are intended to provide a seamless parking experience and enable attendants to efficiently manage parking procedures while ensuring the convenience and safety of the users. Here are the key benefits of using attended-oriented garage parking systems.

Optimal Space Utilisation

Our attendant-oriented parking systems incorporate car lift storage systems making optimal use of the available space. Vertical stacking of vehicles with the vertical storage lift enables the system to increase the parking capacity within a limited area, hence coping with the increasing parking demands.

Organised vertical stacking

The attendant-oriented parking allows vertical stacking of vehicles to utilize a vertical space effectively. This approach reduces the area required for parking, thereby contributing to a more organized and aesthetically pleasant-looking parking garage.


The attendant-oriented parking system offers ease of use for the attendant as well as the user. While the attendant can successfully navigate the car stacker lift and swiftly move vehicles into a nesting position with minimal effort, users need little to no guidance to park their vehicles safely. 

Enhanced Security

Our attendant-oriented car stacking system comes with advanced features to ensure the safety of parked vehicles. While users have peace of mind, property managers can also be content with the knowledge that the facility is secure. 

Versatile stacked car parking

We offer a variety of car stacker lift solutions. From four post car storage lifts  to no post solutions, our systems can be implemented indoors as well as outdoors and can be adapted for various project requirements or property layouts. TAPCO’s attendant-oriented parking systems can be used in various environments, from commercial establishments to residential complexes.


Save Time and Money with TAPCO’s Car Parking Lifts

For residential facilities, garage car lift storage can maximize storage space and offer safe and convenient car storage. The garage parking lift can save you from incurring the cost of a major renovation to create added parking space or paying for expensive off-site storage. For maximum capacity, consider either our two-post double stacker or our four-post parking lifts, both offering a high lifting capacity and certified to be safe for most any use. 

If you are considering parking options for a multi-family complex or a commercial establishment where parking demand is high but there is limited space for parking, a mechanical stacked parking solution is ideal. Depending on the requirement, you can opt for the two post double stacker or four post triple and quad stacker to create maximum parking space for users’ ease and convenience. 

Similarly, a garage car stacker can do the job for conventional spaces, providing an elevated additional parking space over every existing space for added convenience. 

Get Reliable Car Stacker Solutions at TAPCO

When it comes to car stacking solutions and attended parking systems, The Automated Parking Company stands out as the most reliable provider offering matchless expertise and service. With years of experience in parking solutions, we have established ourselves as pioneers in the field and continually push the boundaries for innovative parking solutions. 

We understand the unique requirements of each project or property, which is why we work closely with our clients to design and form tailored attended parking systems that cater to the project or property layout and parking requirements. Our parking solutions are engineered and manufactured for longevity, as our systems are subjected to vigilant and thorough scrutiny to ensure reliability and durability for long-lasting performance. 

Whether you require a retrofit for an existing property or want to incorporate an attended-oriented parking system into a new project, we are here to offer efficient and cost-effective solutions. Contact us today to discuss your parking needs.